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  1. Intelligence: enhancing the picture of serious organised crime affecting the UK
  2. Money laundering and illicit finance
  3. Investigating and disrupting the highest risk serious and organised criminals
  4. Suspicious Activity Reports
  5. Suspicious Activity Reports Regime Annual Report 2017 published
  6. National Crime Agency awarded over £8m in fight to tackle serious and organised crime
  7. National Economic Crime Centre
  8. NCA Director hosts Angolan Attorney General, cementing co-operative relationship
  9. Closed case! Plane passenger with £1.5M in baggage ordered to give it up
  10. National Economic Crime Centre leads push to identify money laundering activity
  11. Drug traffickers convicted after laundering millions through sham companies
  12. Gold seized by NCA at Heathrow as part of international cartel investigation
  13. How we tackle illicit finances
  14. Multi-agency action targets city money laundering
  15. Further arrest as part of drugs and money laundering conspiracy
  16. Suspected money launderer claimed £25,000 was from under grandma’s bed in China
  17. Money launderer sent back to prison after second NCA investigation
  18. Money launderer sentenced to 20 months imprisonment after stashing £500,000 among air fresheners
  19. £1.2million taken off Essex builder in charge of drug dealing network
  20. Three arrests in money laundering, romance fraud and bounce back loan scam investigation
  21. “At this game 20 years” – the encrypted messages that brought down drug trafficking and money laundering kingpin
  22. Four men charged after cash and cocaine seizures
  23. Lancashire man charged in £100k ‘criminal cash’ smuggling investigation
  24. Two jailed for running multi-million-pound money laundering service
  25. Czech man admits money laundering offences at Glasgow Airport
  26. Suspected money launderer arrested as part of NCA investigation into small boats people smuggling
  27. Money launderer tried to leave Heathrow with suitcases stuffed full of cash
  28. Operations Manager Investigations – Financial Team – Criminal and Civil