Michael Fowler custody shot and drug packages

A corrupt agency worker at the Port of Tilbury has been jailed for 14 years and five months after pleading guilty to assisting offenders to import or supply cocaine.

Heroin packages laid out

An international investigation has resulted in the largest ever seizure of heroin in the UK, denying vast sums of money to organised crime groups.

Thomas Kavanagh custody shot

An Irish national living near Tamworth has been jailed for three years for possessing a stun gun.

NCA officer and Border Force boat

Two men arrested as part of a National Crime Agency-led operation, which has resulted in the recovery of approximately 750kg of cocaine from a yacht in Fishguard, have now been charged with conspiracy to import cocaine.

NCA car

Two men from Liverpool who used their haulage firm as a front for heroin trafficking have been told to pay back £312,232.37 in criminal profits.

Abid Saddiq, Aftab Hussain, Masaued Malik and Sharaz Hussain custody shots

Seven men have been guilty of a number of child sexual abuse offences, including rape and sexual assault.

Jodie Little custody shot

A woman who sexually abused children online for paying customers has been jailed.

Drugs being removed from boat

More than 250 kilograms of cocaine have been seized and six people arrested, after an investigation led to the interception of a yacht off the coast of Wales.

Saqib Hussain, Trae Wolfe and Keith Wadsworth custody shots

Three members of an organised crime group have been jailed for 28 and-a-half years after pleading guilty to a conspiracy to supply cocaine that had a street value of nearly £1.7m.

Drugs in bags

An international operation involving the National Crime Agency (NCA) has led to the seizure of just under 1000 kilos of MDMA and meth and the arrest of four British men in one of Australia’s biggest ever drug seizures.

Kurt McDonough

NCA investigators have released the image of the 53-year-old from Manchester, who failed to attend court in connection with drugs offences.

NCA sign

The NCA has been granted freezing orders on eight bank accounts containing a total of more than £100 million, which is suspected to have derived from bribery and corruption in an overseas nation.

Three members of an organised crime group have been sentenced to a total of 45 years for smuggling a minimum of £2.49 million worth of heroin from Pakistan into the UK via the post.