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Joanna Gomulska and Maros Tancos

A couple have been convicted of running a human trafficking network in Bristol – promising people a new life in the UK then forcing them to work without pay.

Fatjon Kurti Custody

A drug dealer has been jailed for 12 years after organising cocaine deals worth more than £4m in just three months.

NCA officers stood in front of superyacht Phi

Officers from the National Crime Agency’s Combating Kleptocracy Cell have this morning served a detention notice on a superyacht owned by a Russian national.

Thomas Kavanagh

A man who ran the UK arm of a major international organised criminal network dismantled by the National Crime Agency has been jailed for orchestrating the importation of multi-million pound drug shipments.

A 52-year-old pilot has been charged with attempting to fly illegal immigrants into the UK in his aircraft.

NCA logo

A DJ and owner of a London nightclub has surrendered music kit bought for more than £214,000 in a NCA civil recovery case that linked the equipment to suspected cyber-enabled frauds.

Ullah arrested

A high ranking member of an organised crime group thought to be behind the transportation of hundreds of migrants both into and out of the UK has been jailed for almost two-and-a-half years.

Josephine Iyamu Custody

A London-based nurse currently serving an 18-year prison term for trafficking Nigerian women to Europe and forcing them into sex work has been ordered to hand over almost £184,000.

Mubinar Rahman custody image

A drugs trafficker who admitted posting dozens of packages of Class A drugs around the world as part of a global dark web organised crime group has been jailed for nine years.

NCA logo

A legal requirement for UK companies to report child sexual abuse content on their platforms to the National Crime Agency was announced as part of the Government’s Online Safety Bill.

Small boat image

The National Crime Agency has renewed an appeal to the UK maritime industry to beware of organised crime groups targeting them to obtain small boats for people smugglers.

Custody image

A Lancashire man has been jailed for repeatedly raping and sexually assaulting two young children.

Custody image

A Manchester man has been jailed for 12 years after using the encrypted phone network EncroChat to import cocaine worth £1.6m.

Elroy Spek custody image

A lorry driver who hid 63 kilos of cocaine in a legitimate load of electronics has been jailed following a National Crime Agency investigation.

Money in luggage

More than £800,000 will be returned to the public purse after the National Crime Agency secured a forfeiture order on cash seized from a group of men attempting to smuggle it out of the UK.

Austrian who brought heroin worth £250,000 into the UK sentenced to five years in prison