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National Crime Agency officers have arrested four people in Northern Ireland as part of a major investigation into the alleged importation of drugs.

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The 2020 Suspicious Activity Report (SARs) Annual Report has been published today (19 November). Read the report.

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An Isle of Wight businessman has been charged as part of a National Crime Agency investigation into child sexual abuse.

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A lorry driver who was delivering sofas to the UK has been jailed after half a million pounds worth of cocaine was found hidden in the vehicle he was driving.

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An Essex builder jailed for drug trafficking has been ordered to hand over more than £1.2million of assets.

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Two firearms and over a hundred rounds of ammunition have been found at a property in Warrington as part of a National Crime Agency EncroChat investigation into the large scale supply of firearms.

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A man who attempted to smuggle 1.5kg of cocaine from Jamaica to the UK to then sell to pay off a debt has been sentenced to over eight years in prison.

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A Romanian lorry driver has been jailed for 31 months for attempting to smuggle a group of migrants out of the UK in his lorry.

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Three men have been arrested and a warehouse raided in connection with an alleged conspiracy to import cocaine into the UK in food deliveries from the Netherlands.


A Birmingham man suspected of being the mastermind behind a network of UK cannabis farms has been arrested as part of a National Crime Agency investigation.

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A man has been sentenced to 20 months in prison for money laundering offences after being caught trying to smuggle almost £500,000 out of the UK within a truckload of air fresheners.

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A corrupt money transfer business owner responsible for a £5 million money laundering scheme is being sent back to prison after the National Crime Agency found he had flouted the terms of his release.

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A Romanian lorry driver has been jailed after a National Crime Agency investigation found that he had attempted to bring cocaine worth up to £1 million into the UK.

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A Luton man has been jailed for five years after National Crime Agency (NCA) officers found a loaded firearm at his home.

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The National Crime Agency has issued a wanted appeal after a man charged with firearms offences failed to appear at court.

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A 52 year old man from Hertfordshire was arrested this morning in connection with potential offences against the Bounce Back Loan scheme and other frauds.