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Civil Recovery & Tax

Someone doesn't need to have been convicted of a crime for us to pursue their assets. In fact the NCA has unique powers to pursue serious and organised criminals through combining both the powers of Part 5 (Civil) and Part 6 (Tax) of the Proceeds of Crime Act to fundamentally impact on the wealth and status of criminals who operate at the high end of high risk.

Find out how we use Civil Recovery & Tax powers to recover assets or property acquired through unlawful conduct

Asset recovery

Asset recovery powers available under the Proceeds of Crime Act focus on assets and property rather than individuals. We simply have to prove on the balance of probability that assets or property have been acquired through unlawful conduct. Any profits made from assets obtained through unlawful activity can also be recovered.

Taxation can be a particularly powerful tool for recovering criminal assets. Where we have reasonable grounds to suspect that someone has income or assets obtained as a result of crime we will raise tax assessments and relentlessly pursue that liability together with penalties and interest.

In certain cases criminals may face losing their property and facing a hefty tax bill - together with interest and penalties.


Referrals from police and law enforcement

Our Civil Recovery & Tax team is made up of financial investigators, tax investigators and specialist lawyers and provides a UK wide resource of expertise in this field.

As well as our own cases we also take referrals from police and other UK law enforcement agencies. We currently have more than 120 investigations in progress - all aimed at the very high end of high risk.

To request support from our Civil Recovery & Tax team please complete an  document NCA Civil Recovery & Tax referral form (101 KB)  and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Infographic: Assets recovered - £7.8m confiscation order payments; £8.7m civil recovery receipts; £5.7m cash forfeited as a result of NCA activity in 2017/18

  document Criminal assets recovered as a result of NCA activity in 2017/18 (text version) (13 KB)


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