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NCA Investigator

Find out more about life as an NCA Investigator


I'm an Investigator at the Birmingham branch of the National Crime Agency.

I deal with all sorts of people on a day to day basis, whether they're suspects, victims or witnesses.

Day to day life would include doing arrests, searches, interviews, building case files, speaking to the Crown Prosecution Service and day to day admin as well.

Every single time you go out to do a job you can never be 100% of what you're going to see on the other side of the door.

You have the right training, you've got the right people around you and there's always a real sense of I'm in a team, we're doing this together, this is our aim and we'll get it done.

The NCA is a great agency to work for. It's got different career paths, it's got different opportunities, you just need to show that you're flexible, you can work hard, you're willing to push yourself, you're willing to show commitment.

The agency will support you in any career path you want to follow, so I'd really recommend it for anyone who is looking for a career in law enforcement but never thought it would be an opportunity for them.

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