'Freddie' - Operations

I arrive at the office at 8:00 in time for the weekly ops meeting during which all the unit investigations get discussed. Currently I am the case officer for one operation and have specific responsibilities for four others.

Seven years ago I left my job as a construction project manager and started works at the NCA’s predecessor, the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).  Since that time I have mainly been involved in drugs and corruption investigations, but have also spent two years working abroad in Afghanistan. I transferred to the NCA’s National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) nine months ago, having always been interested in the technical aspects of investigations.   Work here is by no means simple, as we are dealing with an ever changing threat which does not care about international borders. This means as investigators we need to be flexible and innovative in our approach. 

I then travel to the local Crown Court, to swear in a Production Order to obtain a copy of a UK based server that is controlling a particularly nasty piece of malicious software (malware).

On returning to the office I just have time to grab a sandwich before I go into a conference call regarding my operation.  Also on the call are representatives from other foreign law enforcement agencies and a private industry partner.  We discuss new potential avenues of investigation how we could work in collaboration with private industry to help better protect the UK.

I go and have a quick chat with our technical team regarding their analysis of a computer seized earlier in the week.  I need to take my time going through their material, as it is often the small things that catch people out and are vital in helping to secure a conviction.

Just as I’m heading out the door, I get a call from one of the other NCCU operational teams.  They have just identified and arrested an individual who is believed to be using a piece of malware linked to millions of pound worth of fraud. They ask me to interview him.  I pick up my warrant card and notebook and get back to work.