The role of our Serious Crime Analysis Section

SCAS was developed following the review of the Yorkshire Ripper Enquiry which highlighted the need for a national database to hold details of serious sexual offences committed in the UK. This dataset, which includes sexually motivated or motiveless murders, is the only of its type in the UK.

SCAS receive case files for offences meeting specific criteria from a network of contact officers located in every police force in the UK. This information is then coded onto ViCLAS (Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System), the in house SCAS database which allows specific details of both the offence and known suspects or offender to be captured.

Cases are then subject to Comparative Case Analysis in order to identify any similar offences held on ViCLAS. Bespoke reports are sent out to force including details of similar offences or potential suspects identified.

Serious crime analysis section

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Owing to the highly sensitive and confidential nature of the data held on the SCAS database, there are strict research protocols in place before researchers are allowed access to highly sanitised, anonymised data. This involves the submission of a proposal which must be approved by the Research Approvals Panel.


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