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Leading the UK's fight to cut serious and organised crime

Fugitives and international crime

Serious and organised crime knows no borders. We work with partners around the world to combat serious and organised crime threats at source and to bring to justice offenders based overseas that pose the greatest risk to the safety and security of the UK.

Serious and organised crime is a transnational threat. We work with international partners to combat serious and organised crime threats at source

Combating transnational crime

Serious and organised crime is a transnational threat. No single agency or country working in isolation can combat sophisticated organised crime groups operating across borders. 

Collaboration with international partners is vital to combat serious and organised crime threats at source. We work with authorities in source countries to share intelligence and build local capability through training, mentoring and sharing best practice.

The reach of UK law enforcement overseas is considerable. International agreements, forums and law enforcement institutions such as Interpol and Europol enable the UK to collaborate with partners and coordinate action against transnational threats. 

Facilitating cooperation with international law enforcement

One of our roles is to facilitate cooperation between UK and international law enforcement agencies. Within the NCA, our UK International Crime Bureau provides the UK National Central Bureau for INTERPOL, the UK Europol National Unit and the UK SIRENE Bureau. SIRENE is the network which supports cooperation and coordination between law enforcement agencies in the EU member states.

At Europol in the Hague we lead the UK Liaison Bureau. This is a multi-agency team made up of NCA officers and seconded officers from:

 The UK Liaison Bureau supports a large number of serious and organised crime investigations by UK law enforcement agencies.

Infographic: 1,068 arrests in the UK, 974 arrests overseas as a result of NCA activity in 2017/18

  document Arrests as a result of NCA activity in 2017/18 (text version) (11 KB)

Our international network

We have a network of International Liaison Officers (ILOs) covering more than 130 countries around the world. Our ILOs work with national authorities in-country to leverage local intelligence and law enforcement assets against shared threats.

As well as collaborating with local authorities our ILOs also work closely with representatives from other UK agencies deployed overseas to support wider government objectives, including fostering good governance and enhancing security and stability.

Fugitives and foreign targets

Foreign criminals throughout the world impact on the UK. Some British criminals, fugitive or not, often feel safest outside the UK.

Our UK International Crime Bureau works with international partners around the world to locate fugitives wanted by UK authorities, arrest them and return them to the UK to face justice.

We also work with partners overseas to locate foreign national offenders in the UK and extradite them to the country pursuing them.

European Arrest Warrants

The European Arrest Warrant is a mechanism by which individuals wanted in connection with significant crimes are extradited between EU member states.

Every country in the EAW system has a Sirene Bureau. As the UK's SIRENE Bureau our role is to act as the legal gateway between authorities requesting an arrest and those carrying out an arrest.


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