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Allegations of bribery and corruption involving UK companies, or foreign companies and/or individuals with a connection to the UK, should be reported to our International Corruption Unit

The Bribery Act applies to:

  • UK Nationals
  • Foreign Nationals resident in the UK
  • UK Companies
  • Foreign Companies doing business in the UK

Allegations of bribery and corruption involving UK companies, or foreign companies and/or individuals with a connection to the UK should be reported to our International Corruption Unit.

The allegation may relate to bribery and/or corruption taking place within a company, organisation, group of individuals or by your competitors anywhere in the world.

Please submit your report to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including the information outlined below.

Please note: The ICU does not accept reports of crime other than bribery and corruption. Please report any other crime to your local police.

Whistle blowing

The National Crime Agency is a prescribed body on the UK Department of Business Enterprise Innovation & Skills Blowing the Whistle to a Prescribed Person: List of Prescribed Persons & Bodies.

This means that you can report bribery and corruption to the NCA rather than to your employer and still be protected by employment law.

Information to include in your report

Please include as much information as possible about the alleged offence. This will enable us to investigate the allegation more quickly and thoroughly.

Although you can report anonymously, this will make assessing your allegation more difficult.

After submitting a report

On receiving your information we will email you to confirm receipt.

Your information will be assessed by an NCA investigator and will be stored in our secure databases. Access to these databases is restricted to suitably vetted NCA staff. All information provided to us is treated as confidential.

If you have provided contact details we may contact you to obtain further details of your report by phone, email or in person.

Once we have assessed your information we may initiate a criminal investigation if it meets our criteria. 

You may be contacted and requested to provide information as a witness, however we will not be able to confirm whether a criminal investigation is opened.

Investigations are lengthy processes and it may be a little while before we respond. While we will make every effort to keep you informed, we do not routinely confirm or deny whether an investigation is taking place, so it may not be possible for us to let you know what we do with any referral you have made.


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