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Senior leader biographies

Our leadership team sets the agency's strategic direction and provides operational oversight. Executive and non-executive directors bring decades of experience and expertise from across policing, government and the private sector.


Reshard AuladinReshard Auladin, is an accomplished public servant with a background in the criminal justice, law enforcement, mental health, education and charity sectors.

A magistrate for more than 25 years, Reshard sits in criminal and family courts in north London and was vice-chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority until 2012, with a variety of responsibilities.

Reshard’s other roles have included serving as a non-executive director at the Assets Recovery Agency. He has also been a trustee of a Muslim education charity for a decade, sits on the Joint Audit Panel of the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime and the Metropolitan Police and is a trustee of the Bell Foundation, an education charity.