The National Crime Agency has recovered houses and cash worth more than 450,000 after an financial investigation into property held by a 41 year old Bradford man.

Logo of the National Crime AgencyThe assets were recovered from Arfan Ali, of Ascot Parade. The NCA had asserted that they had been acquired from the proceeds of mortgage fraud, money laundering and tax evasion.

All five properties are located in the Bradford area – two in Little Horton Lane, one in Brae Avenue, one in New Hey Road, and one in Luke Road.

They had been acquired by Mr Ali over a period of ten years.

Money recovered from the bank accounts totalled approximately 30,000.

NCA Senior Manager, Billy Beattie, said: “The defendant in this case had built up a property portfolio in the Bradford area, funded by the proceeds of crime.

“It is essential to the economic and social wellbeing of areas like Bradford, and the whole of the UK, that assets are acquired lawfully. The NCA uses all of the powers available to us to target illicit wealth.”

The recovery order was granted at the High Court on 22 January 2020.

30 January 2020