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Assistant Crime Analyst

As an Assistant Crime Analyst at SCAS, one of my main duties is to liaise with designated contacts within police forces throughout the UK. For my forces, I will be their first port of call for any queries they have as to whether offences fit our criteria, and I will be sent all of their case submissions. Each Assistant Analyst in SCAS is allocated at least one force so that all police forces have a specific SCAS contact assigned to them.

My other main duty, and the one on which the majority of my time is spent, is to input offences onto the bespoke SCAS database. I am allocated cases and I will read all of the case papers we have and use the information from the various sources to populate our crime database with details of the offence. Once the cases are on the SCAS database they can be searched by a SCAS Analyst in order to identify any potentially linked offences or suspects.