'Zulfi' - Prevent team

I have been a member of the NCCU Prevent team for over a year and I work on a number of activities that are both creative and challenging.

My role involves researching new tools and techniques to deploy against cyber criminals, in particular seeking to prevent individuals becoming involved in cyber crime. This involves working closely with academics, foreign law enforcement agencies and behavioural scientists to increase our understanding of the nature of cyber crime and develop new approaches. I assist in the coordination of operations, creating and reviewing intelligence and deploying with investigators to conduct arrests and searches.

I am also involved in looking at the infrastructure of the internet, training law enforcement colleagues across the globe on how to stop criminals from operating online and working with international bodies to help make the internet a safer and more secure environment for everyone.

The NCCU Prevent team provides an opportunity to be creative in tackling an ever-changing and evolving environment and preventing those involved or on the periphery of cyber crime from engaging in cyber crime.