Resignation of non-executive director

13 March 2015

Lord Evans of Weardale has tendered his resignation as an NCA non-executive board member. Director General Keith Bristow today accepted his resignation. Lord Evans is also a non-executive director of HSBC and has resigned over concerns that there may be the perception of a conflict of interest in his holding both roles. 

In a letter to the Director General, Lord Evans said “There has been a lot of controversy over the alleged actions of HSBC clients and of the bank itself in recent weeks. I believe that though there is no actual conflict of interests there could be a perceived conflict of interests between my two roles.”

Keith Bristow said “I have accepted the resignation of Lord Evans with great regret. Whilst I do not believe there is an actual conflict of interests, any perception of one has the potential to adversely affect the reputation of the NCA. Jonathan has made an enormously valuable contribution to the NCA over the past 15 months and the Board would like to thank him for the knowledge, insight and experience that he brought to the agency during this period".

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