Forensic Intelligence

ENDORSE is a nation-wide forensic and law enforcement initiative to collect and analyse information from drug seizures made in the UK.

The work informs government strategy and the UK threat reduction group on drugs, which then informs law enforcement activity. Tactically, it supports law enforcement agencies investigating the national and international drugs supply.

A key element is the forensic collection plan for physical and chemical information from UK drug seizures. The plan applies to seizures made by all UK police and law enforcement agencies and involves all major UK forensic science providers. It ensures that the necessary forensic tests are carried out on all qualifying seizures to a national scientific standard, and that the resulting intelligence is centralised.

The core components of the ENDORSE plan are:

  • Identification and purity of all Class A drugs and amphetamine seizures (over defined weight/volume thresholds)
  • Identification of all drug and non-drug related adulterants present at concentrations over 1%, in samples of Class A drug powders and amphetamine from all qualifying seizures
  • Additional chemical profiling of samples from heroin seizures
  • Identification of all non-controlled substances over 1 kilogram
  • Images of packaging, labels, logos and concealments related to Class A and amphetamine drugs
  • Basic information about all non-ENDORSE qualifying seizures

The analysis of this material informs assessed reporting on the purity levels and adulteration of heroin, cocaine and amphetamine, which is shared with a wide range of national and international partners. It also leads to tactical reporting that identifies forensic links between different seizures, which is issued to UK police forces and other law enforcement agencies.

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