Cyber crime

Organised crime has been quick to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet, particularly the growth in e-commerce and online banking. 

Specialist criminal groups target individuals, small businesses and large corporate networks to steal personal information in bulk in order to profit from the compromised data available to them.

Common cyber threats


  1. Phishing: bogus emails asking for security information and personal details
  2. Webcam manager: where criminals takeover your webcam
  3. File hijacker: where criminals hijack files and hold them to ransom
  4. Keylogging: where criminals record what you type on your keyboard
  5. Screenshot manager: allows criminals take screenshots of your computer screen
  6. Ad clicker: allows a criminal to direct a victim’s computer to click a specific link

Visit our guidance page for consumers for further information on these threats, and tips on how to combat them.


  1. Hacking
  2. Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks

Visit our guidance pages for businesses for further information on Hacking and DDoS attacks.

The National cyber crime unit (NCCU) is the part of the NCA that helps fight cyber crime in the UK. Find out more about the National Cyber Crime Unit.

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