Working in partnership

The NCA has been designed to maximise the impact of the UK's collective resources against serious and organised crime.

We can only do this by working closely with our partners.

The NCA responds to a broad range of threats, many of which also remain a responsibility for police forces and other agencies.

Where crime is particularly complex or impractical for a single force or agency to tackle, the NCA will channel its influence and specialist capabilities to ensure that it is within our reach.

The NCA's partnerships go beyond law enforcement. We work with private industry, local and national government and other public sector organisations, the charity and voluntary sectors, think tanks and academia amongst others.

Sharing skills, information, expertise and technology enables us to deliver the best response to opportunities and threats.

Further information about how the NCA works with partners is available in the following documents:

The NCA Commitment to Working in Partnership with UK Operational Partners (208 KB)

The NCA Commitment to Working in Partnership with Police and Crime Commissioners (164 KB)  

  pdf NCA-CEOP: Call for Partnerships (505 KB)


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