Chemical liaison officers

A number of police forces throughout the UK have an officer appointed to the role of Chemical Liaison Officer (CLO). CLOs are part of the integrated approach of Forces' efforts to combat drug misuse and reduce the harm caused by it to individuals and communities.

By liaising with industry they help prevent the diversion of chemicals and other substances into the illicit production of drugs. CLOs are in contact with local chemical companies and other suppliers to advise and raise awareness in regards to chemical precursor controls. CLOs have regular contact with NCA and are crucial in establishing effective partnerships between chemical industry and law enforcement.

If a CLO has not been in contact with your company and you wish to seek advice you can do so by obtaining a contact number from the CCT or ask for the CLO via the Force Headquarters switchboard. Please bear in mind that not all force areas have appointed a CLO. If your force area does not have a CLO and you wish to seek advice please contact the NCA CCT, see Contact us section.


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