Chemical Suspicious Activity Reports

The role of chemical suspicious activity reports
Chemical suspicious activity reports (CSARs) contribute intelligence to law enforcement operations, identify reckless or deliberate acts of chemical diversion, and help initiate investigations into previously unknown criminals or organisations.

Role of the chemical control team
The chemical control team receive (CSARs) concerning enquiries or orders that are made to operators within the chemical or allied industries.

When to report chemical suspicious activity
Any circumstances such as unusual orders or transactions which suggest that scheduled substances might be diverted to illegal manufacture must be reported to the authorities. 

How to submit a chemical suspicious activity report

NCA's preferred method for reports to be submitted is electronically via email using the  chemical suspicious activity report form (92 KB)

Call 0207 238 2426 for the email address, or fax it to 0207 238 2828. The team will acknowledge receipt of individual CSARs. In some instances a follow-up clarification call or email may be required. For guidance on completing the report form visit the completing a CSAR guidance page.

Please Note: the CSAR form is for use in the reporting of suspicious activity around chemicals and equipment only.

NCA takes confidentiality seriously and we are keen to create an environment within which the reporters and NCA can communicate securely. Upon receipt of a CSAR the team will deal with this information in accordance with its functions as defined by section 3 of the National Crime Agency and Police Act 2005.

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