Economic Crime Command Strategic Governance

The Economic Crime Command Strategic Governance Group (ECC SGG) provides assurance to the Home Secretary, NCA Director General and other partners that the key economic crime threats to the UK are understood and that activity is being planned and delivered to reduce the impact of these threats.

The ECC SGG is chaired by Donald Toon, Director of the Economic Crime Command, and includes representatives from the Home Office and key partners:

It responds to priorities allocated by the National Strategic Tasking and Co-ordination Group (NSTCG); which are based on threats identified in the pdf National Strategic Assessment (681 KB) and the resulting National Control Strategy.

In collaboration with other SGGs (such as Cyber Crime, Organised Crime), emerging trends are identified and reported to the NSTCG and, where appropriate, are raised for consideration at the Ministerial Serious and Organised Crime meeting and/or the National Security Council (Officials).

Specific thematic areas are covered by individual Threat Groups (TGs), the purpose of which is to ensure efficient and effective activities are carried out to combat economic crime on behalf of the ECC SGG.

TGs ensure multi-agency delivery against their Strategic Action Plans and improve understanding of the effect of such activity on the threats from serious and organised crime. 
The chart below details the TGs within the ECC, the sub groups sitting within them and in brackets the agency the group is chaired by:

The Economic Crime command leads the NCA's fight against money laundering. Find out more about the Economic Crime Command.

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