Border Policing Command

The BPC is responsible for border security and tackling all serious, organised and complex crime threats before they reach the UK.

It leads, coordinates and supports the investigation of cross-border serious organised crime. This includes UK Border Force seizures of drugs, firearms and cash, and other imports of prohibited and restricted goods.

It develops a shared understanding of threats, leading border partners in a multi-agency response and coordinating action to tackle threats before they reach the UK.

The command has over 600 officers, including officers based permanently at UK ports and airports, as well as 120 international liaison officers covering over 150 countries.



The BPC pursues those who commit serious or organised crime that affects the UK whether they are overseas, or within the UK by:

  • Working closely with overseas partners to pursue both foreign and UK criminals that adversely impact the UK
  • Investigating all detections made by Border Force of drugs, firearms, cash and other prohibited and restricted goods 
  • Supporting wider-NCA and border partners to tackle organised immigration crime and human trafficking
  • Coordinating intelligence and operational activity through co-location with Border Force, Special Branch and other partner intelligence teams at the border.
  • Identifying and investigating organised crime groups that operate overseas but impact on the UK.  


The BPC prevents serious and organised crime by:

  • Increasing knowledge about how criminals and terrorists operate and exploit vulnerabilities and opportunities to cross and abuse the border 
  • Making it harder for serious and organised criminals to operate across the UK border and abroad
  • Raising awareness in the border and transport sectors to reduce the risk of them knowingly or unknowingly facilitating organised crime


The BPC protects the public by:

  • Strengthening the UK border and disrupting criminals before they reach the UK
  • Working closely with public and private sector partners to reduce the vulnerabilities in border security that criminals currently exploit.
  • Providing advice to help protect British interests overseas and support Consular services in protecting British citizens overseas


The BPC prepares for serious and organised criminals continually adapting attempts to avoid overseas partners and UK border controls by:

  • Building capacity with key overseas partners to target threats to the UK and collectively assessing and addressing future threats
  • Driving greater joint working at the border with partners, improving capability and coordination
  • Providing specialist knowledge and expertise of the overseas and border landscape to assist NCA and partner operations and the ongoing development of law enforcement's capability to tackle crime


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